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Strengthen brand and product loyalty by addressing all 5 senses.

Brands are most effective when they offer recognition and are remembered by shoppers and consumers. This effect can be significantly increased if several human senses are addressed simultaneously. For example: Anyone who feels a product or its packaging haptic remembers it twice as quickly and well compared to purely visual detection. Using our 5Senses tool, we can take a targeted look and decide the fight for you.

We integrate our proprietary tool into the development process right from the start. 5Senses forces the generation of product, brand and packaging concepts which, in addition to visual stimuli, also send out messages that can be felt, heard, smelled or even tasted.

Creality’s 5Senses tool is based on extensive research and empirical experience. His track record is impressive! How and why networked senses can become the decisive factor in the Key-Battle Brand + Product, we have already been able to familiarize various of our customers with a compact presentation.


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