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Rustipani: Top brand 2018 with new packaging concept

Rustipani: Top brand 2018 with new packaging concept

The Original Wagner Rustipani from Nestlé is the top brand 2018 in the established food magazine “Lebensmittelzeitung” in the Freshness product group, category frozen snacks. The innovative packaging design by Creality – including a smart technological solution at no extra cost – has led to success.


Wagner is the brand under the Nestlé umbrella when it comes to pizzas or crispy bread snacks. The Original Wagner Rustipani is a rustic oven bread baked in the bakery tradition, topped with delicious ingredients, which can be enjoyed simply as a snack out of your hand. Rustipani serves the trend towards smaller portions and quick consumption. Consumers can also combine a classic snack with a warm meal.

Customer request and challenge

The positioning of the new product should clearly distinguish it from the pizza range as bread. The new packaging was to be innovative and eye-catching in the frozen food sector – and lead Rustipani to market success. A particular challenge was the desire to use the existing packaging line for small frozen pizzas.


Innovative solution

The “Rustipani” packaging has a deliberately rustic appearance, emphasising the traditional, original character of the product and the bakery trade. The packaging was converted into a folding box and provided with a punched out viewing window. It presents the consumer with an appetizing picture of the respective Rustipani bread variant from above on a typical wooden board on about two thirds of the surface. The punched-out viewing window in the left third of the folding box also reveals a brown, classic-looking bread bag in which the frozen snack awaits its connoisseurs.

The innovative design was also an exciting challenge because the new packaging was to be used on an existing packaging machine for pizzas. Said, done: With our technological expertise we were able to avoid high investments in a new packaging line. As a result, only format adjustments had to be made to the existing machines.

For us, Rustipani is a good example of how structural and graphic design have to be intertwined in order to create a packaging concept that is holistically oriented towards the product.

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