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Exclusive edition for premium olive oil

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Exclusive edition for premium olive oil

Komili is a well-known brand in Turkey for olive oil, which can build on a high recognition value with its iconic bottle shape. Since 2017, the brand has belonged to the world’s largest vegetable oil producer “Koninklijke Bunge BV” based in the USA. Komili olive oils have shaped the taste palette of Turkish consumers since 1878 and have become the reference brand in the sector. Product innovations include added olive pieces, the emerald green colour, a rich texture, a uniquely intense taste and an early harvest of top olives that are gently cold pressed drop by drop as early as November.
At the beginning of 2018, Komili wanted to launch a limited edition offering extremely high-quality, early harvested olives as unfiltered oil. Last but not least, the brand wanted to join a trend that has a high significance in the Turkish market: Profiling and product highlighting through limited editions.
The leading Turkish agency for packaging and brand design, glba-Istanbul, was given responsibility for the project. In cooperation with the customer, glba-Istanbul (alias Orhan Irmak Tasarım) decided to place the new premium oil as a sub-brand within the Komili range. The name chosen was “Gurme” (Gourmet). “Komili Gurme” was intended to appeal to premium retail shoppers who are open-minded towards innovative, value-added products and willing to spend more on special taste experiences.


When designing the packaging, glba-Istanbul on the one hand had to maintain the distinctive and well-known shape of the Komili olive oil bottles, which are iconic in the Turkish market, and at the same time ensure an attractive and attention-grabbing differentiation of the new product within the P.O.S. product range. In addition, the new design had to fit into the existing product range and provide options for a future expansion of the limited edition range.
To stand out from the traditional dark green bottles, glba-Istanbul chose white as the dominant colour, combined with fine gold and black. At the same time, the agency was aware through consumer surveys of the importance of an attractive product view that evokes and emphasises the taste experience. Because “Komili Gurme” olive oil is unfiltered, it has a very special colour and texture. In the semi-transparent bottle designed by glba-Istanbul, the premium oil can unfold its argumentative power “unfiltered”.
The “Komili Gurme” Special Edition was launched in 2018 and got off to a very good start.


Agency: glba-Istanbul (Orhan Irmak Tasarım)

Responsible: Dr. Orhan Irmak; Founder and Design Director

Client / Brand: Koninklijke Bunge BV / Komili


Dr. Orhan Irmak is together with Gökhan Irmak the founder of Orhan Irmak Tasarım and is responsible as Design Director within the agency. The studied industrial designer wrote his thesis about “Development Patterns of Packaging Design in Turkey since 1945” and specialized early on in branding and creative packaging design. Orhan Irmak has been a sought-after speaker at conferences and a member of various design competitions for many years.

Founded in 2004, Orhan Irmak Tasarım has become the leading branding and packaging agency in Turkey. In the last 14 years the agency has won over 50 national and international design and packaging awards such as Red dot, Pentawards, WorldStar and Design Turkey.

The Global Local Branding Alliance (glba) is a worldwide network of leading packaging and brand agencies. The network was initiated in 2013 by the Berlin agency Berndt+Partner and has partners in Shanghai, New York, São Paulo, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Moscow and Berlin.

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