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Rapid prototyping and model making in packaging design

Rapid prototyping and model making in packaging design

One thing above all is required in the value chain for packaging: efficiency. In our fast-moving times, intelligent and sustainable development and manufacturing solutions are becoming increasingly important. With so-called rapid prototyping based on modern 3D printing technologies, true-to-scale models can be produced, resources can be saved and at the same time product development processes can be massively accelerated. In the following, we explain what rapid prototyping is, how our customers benefit from it and what advantages it also has for our packaging designers and product developers.

What is rapid prototyping and what are its benefits?

Rapid prototyping is an iterative process that uses a digital workflow to quickly create physical prototypes. Visual models of packaging give packaging designers the ability to test their creative ideas both in-house and with customers, and communicate developed concepts significantly more efficiently. Using true-color 3D printing, packaging designers control the entire development process from digital design to physical prototype. Rapid prototyping allows 3D models to be produced in-house within days and shared easily with all stakeholders.


How our customers benefit from rapid prototyping

Our customers benefit from rapid prototyping in three ways:

– risk minimization
– improved communication and collaboration with us
– time and cost savings

Risk minimization

With the help of prototypes, our customers can analyze, test and evaluate the features, functionality and user-friendliness of packaging before investing heavily. By interacting with the models, potential problems can be identified early on and any necessary adjustments can be made relatively easily and, most importantly, inexpensively. In this sense, rapid prototyping minimizes the risks otherwise associated with investing in packaging designs, because there is always a risk that the planned and implemented packaging design will not fully meet the specific requirements.

Improved communication and collaboration with us

Prototypes serve as a means of communication between our customers and our packaging designers or product developers. Based on their experience with the models, our customers can provide feedback and suggestions, which promotes collaboration with our development team. In addition, the iterative process of rapid prototyping ensures that the final packaging design is fully in line with our customers’ ideas and goals.

Time and cost savings

Rapid prototyping saves our customers time and money. The method uncovers design errors, technical problems and user unfriendliness early in the development process, which in turn helps to avoid costly changes and rework at later stages of packaging design. This not only reduces the financial outlay, but also shortens time to market.

What advantages rapid prototyping has for our packaging designers

Rapid prototyping is also associated with several benefits for our packaging designers. It allows them to

– creative exploration of different design ideas,
– early problem identification and
– effective communication among themselves and with stakeholders.

Creative exploration of different design ideas

Rapid prototyping allows our packaging designers to creatively play through and explore different design ideas with their specific features and functions. It gives them the opportunity to think outside the box and experiment with different concepts, expanding creative horizons and the boundaries of innovation. This creative freedom fosters satisfaction and motivation in our designers, which makes them more engaged and productive.

Early problem detection

Rapid prototyping ensures that our packaging designers identify and correct all kinds of design flaws, technical inconsistencies and user unfriendliness at an early stage of the development process. Repeated adjustment of the respective prototype ensures that weaknesses in the packaging design are already uncovered and eliminated before they can become major and costly problems at a later stage. Accordingly, rapid prototyping creates the best conditions for continuous improvement of the packaging or product.

Effective communication with each other and with stakeholders

Prototypes are tangible representations of ideas and concepts. They facilitate communication – both for our packaging designers and developers among themselves and in the exchange with stakeholders. In this way, expectations and goals can be better aligned. By visualizing prototypes, our designers can articulate their ideas more precisely. It also makes it easier to gather feedback and ensure that everyone involved in the project has a common understanding of the planned packaging design.


Rapid prototyping is modern quality assurance. The iterative process minimizes risks, saves costs and time, and optimizes communication between us and our customers. Moreover, it gives our designers the opportunity to live out and expand their creativity. Would you also like to plan and implement your new products and packaging with us and Rapid Prototyping? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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