ShopStop in Johannesburg



The Creality ShopStop reaches the southern tip of Africa. In Johannesburg, we take a look at shelves, products and packaging that combine local culture with global dynamics.

We show you strong motifs, clever solutions and inspiring ideas about food and beverages.

We focus on examples of three important global design trends:

  • Premium! Premium differentiates itself from the upmarket mainstream and thus wins new target groups. South Africa as an example: elegantly designed dessert cups, exquisite ready meals or purist glass containers for instant coffee.
  • Reduction! The reduction to essential design elements can be seen in South Africa in clear and visually economical packaging design with lovingly designed, detailed illustrations.
  • Variety! The diversity of products, varieties and ingredients in South Africa reflects the diversity of the country itself. Particularly eye-catching is its own strong and contrasting colour design, which stands for the desire for versatility and intense taste.