Sustainability Awards: Participation in jury meeting


The topic of ecological sustainability is pursued more intensively from year to year. And at the same time, of course, the topic of ecologically sustainable packaging solutions. So it’s no wonder that the corresponding “Sustainability Awards” are again enjoying great attendance. 109 submissions to the competition will be received at this time and will be judged by a high-calibre jury by the time the award is presented at the “Fach Pack” in Nuremburg on 25 September 2019. Our CEO and main shareholder Thomas Reiner will be there again this year.

Thomas Reiner Chief Executive Officer

The following is his statement published by “Packaging Europe” on the Sustainability Awards and their significance:

„Packaging is fundamentally answer to sustainability issues, as well over 90 per cent of the carbon footprint is in the products. Packaging protects these products from loss and spoilage with a comparatively minimal footprint of its own, which makes it is an extremely efficient (and indispensable) advocate for sustainability.

One of the biggest challenges of the moment is littering. An important factor is that around three quarters of people do not have access to collection and recycling systems. One of the most pressing tasks in the coming years will be to close the loop. That is our responsibility too. Whoever brings products to the market globally must also assume global responsibility.

It will also be necessary to dial back on material minimisation and complexity, because it ultimately comes at the expense of efficient recyclability. Another key point: We need the expertise of the entire value chain. In the pioneering days of environmental services 30 years ago, we brought together stakeholders and experts from all areas to find solutions for individual topics and applications. That’s what we have to do again.

The Sustainability Awards is a wonderful project, which I am very happy to support. We urgently need innovations in this area. I particularly like the fact that all levels of the market are covered. It is not just about the circular economy and design for recycling, but also about other aspects.“