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The new aesthetics – communicating safety on packaging

The new aesthetics – communicating safety on packaging

At the latest since the Corona lockdowns and the associated social distancing, a new trend is emerging: instead of meeting friends at the nearest fast food restaurant, people are now cooking at home more often. And instead of heating unhealthy convenience foods in the microwave, people prefer to get on the stove themselves and prepare dishes from colorful, nutritious ingredients that are rich in vital nutrients and that can be seen and tasted and are good for the body. In addition, there are the numerous nutrition and health trends of recent years – organic quality, power foods, compact training equipment for the home, and so on.

In short, people today attach much more importance to living a healthy lifestyle than was the case at the beginning of the 21st century. For companies, this change in human attitudes, the increased striving for health, represents an opportunity, not to say an obligation: Those who want to assert themselves in the market and further optimize their position must follow the spirit of the times. This applies on the one hand to the orientation of the products themselves and on the other hand to their external design, i.e. the packaging design, which is intended to show customers: “We understand your wishes and demands and fulfill them with our products!”

Take the food industry as an example: more and more brands are adapting their foods to health trends, for example by adding natural ingredients, omitting artificial colors and preservatives, reducing sugar, or completely dispensing with this type of sweetener. Adapting the “inner values” is an important step, but to really succeed with it, you also need a changed exterior that reflects the changes made. Because one thing is clear: especially with well-known products, hardly anyone takes the trouble to check the ingredients on the back of the packaging every time.

This means that customers must be made aware of the innovations on the front. But it’s not just about innovations. Even items that are already in line with health trends in terms of content can often use a refreshed packaging design. Simply put, if you don’t clearly communicate the positive influences of your products on well-being, you’re definitely missing a good opportunity to increase your sales success. Appealing information on the front of the packaging attracts attention and motivates people to first pick up the product in question and then take it home.

In all probability, the trend will expand in the future. The pandemic has already added another aspect to the human quest for health: People pay a great deal of attention to hygiene in all areas of life. This also opens up the possibility for numerous non-food sectors to reposition themselves with their products via packaging design, to emphasize their own advantages in terms of hygiene more strongly and thus to strike a chord with the times. Since Corona people want to protect their physical and mental health in all aspects – benefit from this as a company!

As an experienced packaging design agency, we will gladly and competently help you to actively fine-tune your brand and design strategy in order to visually highlight the health-promoting or health-preserving aspects of your products more clearly and thus give your customers the feeling of security they crave. Any customization of the packaging design is, of course, done with full consideration of your corporate identity.

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