Theraflex – Globally locally successful


Theraflex shows you how

Our work for Bayer’s Theraflex product line, which is marketed in Russia and the former CIS states, shows how to be successful locally in global markets. Theraflex is a product designed to counteract joint wear.

In close cooperation with our glba partner agency in Moscow and the Russian Bayer marketing team, we strategically reworked the product and brand architecture, positioned the brand, redesigned the brand umbrella and visualized it in packaging design.

The product and brand architecture was strategically reworked by Creality in such a way that it is comprehensible on the market side and offers orderly space for the new products of the Theraflex pipeline.

We then developed three different routes on the basis of a “Bayer Market Segmentation” based on extensive market research.

Route 1: Deduction via Consumer‘s Perception


Route 2: Deduction via Treatment


Route 3: Deduction via Target Audience Focus


For each of the three routes, the brand positioning was worked out in detail, the brand umbrella redesigned and the packaging design visualised.

We worked closely with our partner agency glba Moscow (Depot WPF) until the final decision for one of the three routes was made.

For the concrete implementation through to the final printing of the packaging, glba Moscow subsequently took over the lead in close cooperation with Bayer’s Russian marketing team.

The Theraflex case is an exciting example of how you can conquer local markets worldwide if you really understand your trade, have the right network partners and can fall back on fundamental first-hand market and consumer insights.