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Trend Household Utensils – “old” household utensils reinterpreted, designed and associated in a new way

Trend Household Utensils – “old” household utensils reinterpreted, designed and associated in a new way

In a highly technical age like the one we are currently living in, which is strongly characterized by functionality and practicality, it is more important than ever to maintain or recapture a certain aesthetic appeal. The current trend in household utensils is moving in precisely this direction: consumers and brands are once again paying more and more attention to appealing designs, thus giving many an unloved utilitarian object a completely new, positive meaning.

Back to basics – but with aesthetics and positive emotions

Back to basics – back to the basics, the essentials, the origins: In the field of household utensils, an interesting product- and design-specific change is currently taking place. While for a long time the guiding principle ‘form follows function’, which originated in architecture, was implemented, the two aspects – i.e. appearance and function – are on an equal footing in the current development.

This can be seen, among other things, in the fact that some old products, which were often indirectly denied their raison d’être in view of technical marvels, have now reappeared on the scene – but more beautiful and noble than ever before.

Some may wonder who still needs a simple broom and dustpan when there are robot vacuum cleaners. But the answer is relatively simple: anyone who cares about not robotizing the world more and more. Many brands support this desire by upgrading basic household utensils with premium materials and aesthetic designs.

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Candles: a breath of fresh air for the home through unusual scents

If you want to make yourself really comfortable at home, you light one or more candles. This has been true for almost the entire year. Whether reading, taking a hot bath or simply relaxing on the couch, a gently flaming candle supports the intended mood. It acts as a classic, even traditional symbol of warmth, romance, sensuality and relaxation.

It is noticeable that more and more brands are refreshing this “old” household accessory in a particularly creative way, bringing it out with unusual fragrances that you would not expect in the context. Usually, scented candles exude the aromas of fragrant elements of nature, such as fruits and plants. But more and more often, brands are deliberately taking a completely different route.

The candles from the “Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack” from fast food giant McDonald’s are an impressive example of this. The scented candle set honors one of the chain’s most popular dishes: the burger known in this country as Hamburger Royal TS. Each of the six candles smells like a specific ingredient in the hamburger: bun, ground beef, cheese, onion, pickles and ketchup. Light them all together and the room develops the scent of Royal TS. This is truly peculiar burger enjoyment at home, without greasy fingers and numerous calories. Incidentally, the color of each candle always corresponds to that of the topping it represents. Thus, the set is also visually reminiscent of the hamburger.

Candles that smell like food are basically encountered more and more often. Examples include the candle that smells like Köttbullar, i.e. fried meatballs, called “Huvudroll” by the Swedish furniture group Ikea, which is not available for free purchase, however, but only to win, the Overose Croissant Candle and the Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle.

In terms of design, the “new” candles are noticeably simple and minimalist, with free, colorless surfaces and clear typographies.

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Cleaning utensils: clean with style

Most people associate cleaning activities with work, effort and stress. Accordingly, the emotions that cleaning dishes, surfaces and the like triggers in the majority of people are negative. Cleaning is a nuisance and robs people of time that they would much rather use elsewhere.

But for some time now, a trend has been developing that completely reverses the association described above: cleaning is seen here as a stress-reducing, almost wellness-like activity. A major contribution to this new approach is being made by brands that are giving cleaning utensils a far greater status through aesthetic looks: Made of natural and noble materials with high-quality finishes and beautifully packaged, the various tools literally make you want to clean. They combine function and aesthetics.

And the back-to-basics approach that runs through the entire trend of household utensils, or rather characterizes it to a great extent, is once again evident. To put it more simply, the fact that originally unloved items are being designed and offered in a more visually and practically appealing way is causing users to rethink or, to put it more accurately, to “rethink their sensibilities”:

“After all, it’s not that bad to clean the floor, certainly not with such a beautiful and functional broom and dustpan. The activity can be relaxing, after all, if I set out to feel it that way. And afterwards I will be glad and feel more comfortable in the clean apartment.”

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Kitchen appliances and accessories: functional and at the same time aesthetic

For a long time, kitchen appliances were supposed to be primarily functional and preferably not too expensive. But now consumers are paying more attention again to the fact that the kitchen utensils they see and use every day are not only practical, but also aesthetically convincing.

Just as with the other subtypes of the household utensils trend, emotions are the decisive factor: people want to feel good in what surrounds them, they want to be able to appreciate the products they come into contact with again and again for their functional, but also their visual quality.

What we see when we look at modern kitchen utensils are very classic designs reinterpreted to bring fresh flair to the kitchen in a decidedly elegant, stylish way. A good example is Aarke’s water bubbler, which is a classy alternative to Sodastream.

Ultimately, these design features can be seen in various appliances and accessories for the kitchen, whether in kettles and espresso machines, milk frothers and spice grinders, or cooking pots and pans.

How brands and product/packaging designers can capitalize on the trend

Brands as well as product/packaging designers should see the developments in the field of household utensils as an opportunity to question and, if necessary, redefine certain old habits, behaviors and demands of the traditional audience.

The trend clearly shows that there is a target group that is absolutely open to innovations. This existing high level of acceptance for the classic in an unfamiliar implementation opens up a wide range of possibilities in the development and design of household products and packaging.

What is always important to keep in mind is that modern consumers are essentially concerned with enhancing their interiors both functionally and aesthetically in order to brighten up their own mood in everyday life.

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