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Unboxing videos as a promising marketing trend

Unboxing videos as a promising marketing trend

It’s the anticipation of what’s waiting inside; the sound of the scissors sliding through the packing tape; the moment of carefully to passionately removing the product from the packaging; and in the best case, the enjoyment of the packaging itself, which should score points with creativity. All this makes unboxing a real experience for the customer. While holding the packaging in their hands and opening it, they make their first real contact with the product. Unboxing is therefore a kind of foreplay for the buyer – emotionally intense and satisfying.

More and more companies are taking advantage of the great importance of unboxing for the customer and are having unboxing videos created for marketing purposes. We’ll go into more detail about what’s behind this trend below.

What exactly are unboxing videos?

It’s easy to explain: an unboxing video is a film that shows a person opening a package and removing the product. As a rule, unboxing videos only last a few minutes – how could it be otherwise in our fast-paced times.

Who creates unboxing videos?

In part, it is the companies that commission the creation of unboxing videos. However, they logically do not perform the act themselves, that would not be authentic for the customer. Instead, they prefer to delegate the task to influencers. In this context, a distinction is made between two types or variants: the unboxing influencer and the influencer unboxing.

Unboxing Influencer vs. Influencer Unboxing

– Unboxing influencers are influencers who (almost) only produce unboxing content, i.e. they specialize in it.

– Influencer unboxing, on the other hand, refers to “classic” influencers who are occasionally sent products by companies, which they then unbox in front of a running camera.

By the way, the company does not always explicitly instruct the influencer to shoot an unboxing video. Many influencers simply use the popular medium on their own initiative to be more successful with their affiliate marketing.

Why do unboxing videos inspire enthusiasm?

That’s a good question that certainly allows for multiple answers. In the introduction, we already tried to explain, at least to some extent, what unboxing means for the customer. In fact, many consumers make a real ceremony out of the activity of unboxing an ordered product. This is why we sometimes refer to it as the Unboxing Ceremony. It simply gives the customer a good feeling to unbox the item they ordered with conviction.

So far, everyone can probably understand this effortlessly. But why does it also excite people to watch other – strangers – unbox a particular product? Our guess is that it’s mainly because the (potential) customer wants to get a better picture of the item before buying it, to find out if it’s really worth spending money on. The unboxing video gives him a deep, detailed insight.

What characterizes good unboxing videos?

A good unboxing video has the following characteristics:

– It is professionally recorded.
– It is short, but still meaningful.
– It shows the entire process from holding and looking at the packaging to opening it and analyzing the product in detail.
– The person acting comes across as authentically positive.
– The entire scene illustrates the sensual experience, the intense pleasure of unpacking and the moment of finally being the owner of this special product. Example: If it’s a perfume, for example, the influencer should naturally smell it; if he’s unboxing jewelry, put it on, and so on.

What effect do unboxing videos have?

An unboxing video virtually puts the viewer in the special situation of unboxing. If it’s done well, the recipient almost has the impression of being the one unboxing while watching it. He is emotionally drawn into the unboxing so much that afterwards he can’t help but order the product to experience the unboxing and the feeling of ownership for real.

What does the unboxing (video) trend mean for you?

From all that has been described, it is clear that professional and (nevertheless) fully authentic unboxing videos have the potential to increase the willingness to buy among undecided customers. A potential customer who is initially still in doubt as to whether or not he should buy the item is very likely to be motivated to buy by the video – simply because it is so nice to unbox and own something appealing. Every detail counts – even the packaging, because the experience begins with it.

For you, this means designing not only your products but also their packaging to be irresistibly attractive. And: Have high-quality unboxing videos made for social media. Both offer your customers real added value and increase your sales and turnover.

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