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When and why should a relaunch of the packaging take place?

When and why should a relaunch of the packaging take place?

The only constant in life is change. What the Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed over 2500 years ago is just as true today as it was then – or perhaps even more so. In our fast-moving times, things usually don’t stay the way they are for long. Companies and brands are also often subject to constant change. They have to adapt to trends in order to remain successful or become even more successful. And every now and then, packaging also needs a relaunch. When and why exactly, we describe in more detail below.

Insufficient product success

The focus of every brand is, of course, product success. How well an article is received by consumers is shown particularly clearly by one key figure: product sales. If the number of products sold is (significantly) lower than targeted, this may have something to do with the packaging, so it makes sense to analyze the packaging design in detail and, if necessary, make adjustments or have them made.

Legal innovations

If specific legal innovations require it, a relaunch of the packaging is logically unavoidable. Many companies are currently strongly affected by this due to the sustainability trend – and will in all likelihood continue to be so in the future. The main issue here is the choice of packaging materials, which are increasingly expected to be more environmentally friendly. We summarized the innovations in the Packaging Act in a separate article in March 2022.

Changes in the market

Changes are commonplace in the market. Sometimes competitors land a coup with a design- or product-specific innovation, sometimes agile start-up companies sprout from the ground and compete with their own brand. In order not to simply stand idly by and watch consumers turn to something new (because it is human nature to always want something new), it is important under such circumstances to demonstrate healthy actionism, to convince customers with creativity, and in this way to retain existing customers and generate new customers.

Changed consumer behavior

It doesn’t always have to be a competitor who makes the first move. Often, the company that adapts to consumer wishes first, as a pioneer, also receives a bonus from consumers in the long term. Currently, it is topics such as the increasingly informed and interested consumer as well as the continuously growing popularity of e-commerce, at the latest since the Corona pandemic, that are encouraging brands to revise their packaging design. The best example: consumers today pay more attention to health and environmental aspects. Therefore, the packaging should communicate corresponding features of the product – but only if the item actually has these features, keyword greenwashing. Speaking of communicating…

Communication optimization

Sometimes a precise analysis of the existing packaging design shows that it does not optimally communicate the USPs of the respective product. If, for example, the packaging is actually made of recyclable material, this should be easily recognizable to the consumer. The same applies if, for example, a food product contains desirable (healthy) ingredients. In short, what could particularly motivate consumers to buy should be communicated to them on the packaging in the best possible way. This may require a relaunch of the packaging design.

Technical improvement

Consumers naturally also value good usability in packaging. It should not be a science to open it. Furthermore, for certain products, it is advantageous if the packaging offers a reclosure option – to name just two examples.

Cost reasons

Sometimes it is simply cost reasons that lead to changing the packaging. A current example of this is the increasingly expensive supply chains that many companies are experiencing as a result of Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Internal changes

The motives for relaunching packaging do not always have to come from outside. Sometimes, internal changes can also prompt a revision of the packaging design. In addition to technical changes such as the implementation of new systems or the use of more modern machines, typical examples include an adapted strategic orientation to conquer new markets or business development with the aim of targeting additional target groups.

Summary and conclusion

As you can see, the reasons for a relaunch of the packaging can be of different nature – they range from insufficient product success to legal innovations as well as changing trends in the market and among consumers to internal changes. However, the core issue is always that the current packaging is not (or no longer) fulfilling its role, so it should be revised to better support the product and the brand.

Depending on the scope of the intended changes, such a relaunch can take a while. That’s why it’s important to always keep an eye on what’s happening in the market and on consumer behavior, so that you can react early with adjustments to the packaging. Sometimes acting with foresight can also pay off. But planning should begin at the latest at the first sign of a discrepancy between the target and the performance of the packaging – for example, by contacting our packaging design agency. With our holistic approach, we will work with you to design packaging that will help you achieve your goals.

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