Packaging Design After Eight

After Eight in a new package for more buying impulses

The fine mint tablet with the British heritage will now also be available in small units of 5, which are preferably sold at the checkout area and are intended to encourage use on the road. This is a classic Z-click package, i.e. a folding box with hinged slip lid, which remains provisionally closed via the specific Z-click construction in the opening area of the box.

In addition to the marketing-driven claim to seamlessly transfer the high product quality and premium brand character to the new small pack, the main objective was to guarantee the technology-driven claim of modularity. Four small packs therefore correspond exactly to a classic bulk pack.

Package Design After Eight Einzeln

This bold, rejuvenating step by After Eight from praline-like mint chocolate speciality to a practical snack on the go in the Impulse Pack was developed by Nestlé Confectionary together with B+P Creality in various innovation workshops.

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Package Design After Eight

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