Bäckerbox Packaging Design by Berndt+Partner Creality

Bäckerbox Packaging Design

The most important facts:

– individually loadable transport and gift box for baked goods
– practical nesting or stacking of boxes makes it possible to pack variable quantities of treats
– gift ribbon holds stacked boxes together
– Consumer Highlights: Box removable from shipping carton as a unit, different lid designs for every occasion and taste, experience moment when lid is fanned out

Bäckerbox Packaging Design mit Erklärung der Funktionalität und offene und geschlossene Ansicht

Description of concrete implementation:

In the development of the “baker’s box”, two aspects were in the foreground: on the one hand, we wanted to create a special experience moment for the consumer, and on the other hand, we wanted to ensure scalable filling without great effort. The challenge was to accommodate many different product dimensions in a maximum of two tray constructions and to ensure the necessary stability of the transport and gift box during shipping. In the end, we succeeded in covering all product dimensions with just one construction.

The boxes can be nested or stacked and finally connected with a gift ribbon to form an aesthetically pleasing unit. Due to the stackability, there is complete flexibility in terms of the quantity of delicacies to be packed. At the same time, only one shipping box size is required to meet every customer requirement. In the end, it is always a uniformly wide box that varies only in height.

With the completely newly developed baker’s box, baked goods can be shipped directly to the customer’s home – in a practical, stable and emphatically stylish way. Since the gift box is beautiful to look at and can be removed as a whole from the shipping carton, the consumer has an attractive and uncomplicated unboxing experience. This rounds off the presentation option when consumed, because when the lid is fanned out, the cover motif of the box, which the consumer can choose himself, is creatively revealed.

The Bäckerbox has been awarded with the German Packaging Design Award 2022.

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