Packaging Design Agency Bayer

For trademark reasons, Bayer markets its world-famous product Aspirin in the United States under the brand name “Bayer”. This product, which contains the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid, has generated a completely independent brand image and is also packaged in the tablet bottles commonly used there. However, the bottles lacked individuality and attention-grabbing power from the supermarket shelves (distribution in the United States also differs from what we are used to from pharmacies).

Packaging Design Bayer
Packaging Design Entwurf Bayer

Our structural design development is based on the design of the original “Bayer Bottle”, but has reinterpreted it. In addition to a bottle front that can be labelled as broadly as possible and thus attracts attention on the shelf, particular attention was paid to a characteristic shape of the shoulder area of the bottle. This curved shape also corresponds excellently with the shape of the closure, which is also curved and is also designed in two parts. This two-part design is supported by a two-tone effect, but also by a haptic contrast: the uppermost part of the closure is made of a comparatively softer plastic. This effectively supports better opening of the child-resistant Push+Turn closure.

Packaging Agency Bayer
Packaging Design Bayer

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