Packaging Design neu Bepanthen Gel Produktinnovation Designinnovation Verpackung Mehrwert weiche Haut Berndt+Partner Creality Agentur Agency

Together with Bayer, we have carried out many exciting product innovation developments in recent years. For example, with the help of our “5-senses workshop” we have helped the development teams to adopt new perspectives and thus find new approaches to ideas.

In this way, we developed a new type of packaging system for a novel product idea under the Bepanthen brand that is groundbreaking for the brand. The product idea was a scar gel for the treatment of both fresh and older scars. Regular use can improve the visibility and pain sensitivity of scars.

The aim was to generate added value for the user of the new Bepanthen product through new packaging. This resulted in a new type of primary packaging that supports the effect of the product and improves the dosage and application.

The developed packaging system is a dispenser, which is equipped with a massage ball at the bottom end. This is intended to be used by the user to massage scars and thus improve the absorption of the gel into the scar tissue. In addition, the integrated massage ball is designed so that it can be easily cleaned.

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