Bergader Almzeit Milch Yellow and Blue Packaging Designs from Berndt + Partner Creality

Bergader Alpenmilch - now in a sustainable guise

Sustainability is the trend. Every little sign that a brand has understood the necessity of this development and is clearly acting accordingly goes down well with consumers. Bergader is also aware of this. That’s why the popular alpine milk now looks more natural and sustainable than ever before. Our designers at Berndt+Partner Creality successfully took on the task of redesigning the packaging of Bergader Alpenmilch.

Consumers have known what they have in Bergader Alpenmilch for more than a century. The family business was founded in 1902. So there’s a lot of tradition involved. Consequently, the customer’s order also included the express wish to leave the cherished Bergader soul in the appearance of the packaging. Even after the redesign, the consumer should not have to doubt the identity of the company and the familiar quality of Alpenmilch.

We were therefore required to remain true to what consumers know and associate with Bergader Alpenmilch in terms of design. At the same time, we also had to adapt the look to the Almzeit series and create a sustainable look for the packaging. Due to the vertical format of the milk packs, it was a great challenge to meet the high demands of the customer. It massively limited the printing possibilities. In addition, it was almost impossible to print the bright white in Bergader’s logo on the packaging.

As the result shows, thanks to our expertise and with the help of state-of-the-art technology, we succeeded in meeting all the criteria. The new packaging design for Bergader Alpenmilch is now presented in the characteristic brown shade of environmental cardboard – a simple yet strong signal that the company is following the sustainability trend. The cow as a typical motif is of course still represented, surrounded by the green meadow and the idyllic alpine hut, which perfectly picks up on the Almzeit subbranding. To avoid any chance of confusion, the Bergader brand logo appears enlarged.

Bergader Almzeit Milch Yellow Packaging Design from Berndt + Partner Creality
Bergader Almzeit Milch Blue Packaging Design from Berndt + Partner Creality

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