Today, DREISTERN is the market leader in ready-to-eat meat dishes as well as aspic and aspic specialities in a wide range of products. The very extensive product portfolio is marketed under the product brand “Dreistern”, under the traditional North German brand “Simon” and under the hard discounter-oriented brand “Omnimax” as well as under discount retail brands.

This means that the “Dreistern” product brand alone has inevitably developed a complex product and brand structure, which has been less and less able to be reflected in a contemporary visual appearance. In order to give consumers and retailers more orientation within the product ranges and more incentives to buy on the supermarket shelf, the DREISTERN company decided to initiate a consistent Brand + Packaging Design Relaunch.

The task for B+P Creality was to redesign the packaging design of the 400g products of the DREISTERN ranges “soups”, “stews” and “meals” in a first step.

The aim was to create a fresh and contemporary, but also credible appearance, which offers consumers and retailers more orientation on the sales shelf and above all looks really delicious.

The result is an authentic, down-to-earth and modern relaunch, which takes into account not only the packaging design but also the fundamental revision of the brand logo.
The new packaging design has a high degree of attention and recognition effect on the sales shelf and thus proves to be well prepared for the revival of the corresponding canned food segment. Adaptation of the new design to numerous other categories is already in progress.


With its well thought-out mechanism, the new design has a very high recognition value and also ensures maximum shelf impact.
The main reason for this is the newly created rhombus element, which assumes the function of a creative brand label and informative control centre. This is where both the differentiation of varieties is staged by matching and restrained range names and colours and all relevant product information is made visible at a glance.
The logo of the Dreistern brand, which is also linked to the diamond element and has also undergone a design revision, should not remain unmentioned. Through consistent changes in typography (more contemporary, clearer, more legible) and colouring (white on red instead of red on white), it now appears contemporary and authentic, just like the entire design concept. Valuable without being unbelievably high quality. Nothing is promised that could not be kept by a canned product: solid product quality, traditional recipes and practical enjoyment.

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