Packaging Design Ernst Wagner Original

Ernst Wagner's Original

With “Ernst Wagner’s Original”, Wagner introduces a completely new, large-format premium pizza concept to the frozen pizza market. Each individual pizza is unique, individually shaped and stands out from the competition due to its crispy and at the same time fluffy dough, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The assortment currently includes three different, innovatively coated varieties.

The packaging design naturally picks up on the product speciality of the light and crispy dough or the pizza crust and conveys the premium positioning through a stylish colour scheme, which is largely black. Above all, the packaging design follows a clear design strategy:

It is a tribute to the company founder Ernst Wagner, who travelled through Italy in the 1950s, was inspired by the pizza recipes there and implemented them at home in Germany based on German baking tradition. The black and white photo used on the packaging is an original – just like the pizza – and shows the young Ernst Wagner at this time so important for the brand.

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