Packaging Design Exquisa Creation des Jahres

Traditionally, the Exquisa cream cheese subrange “Creation” has been continuously extended by a new variety, in this case the “Creation of the Year à la Zaziki”. In addition to the characteristic, delicious creaminess of Exquisa cream cheese, the variety also boasts the addition of crunchy pieces of cucumber.

In terms of design, the greatest challenge with each new Exquisa variety is to highlight the characteristic presentation of the product variety along the illustration of the specific ingredients and the choice of colour fund for the packaging. The aim is to meet the consumer’s expectations of the new taste variant and at the same time to ensure clear differentiation from the 17 other varieties of the Exquisa fresh cheese range. In the case of “à la Zaziki”, a bluish green was chosen that appears very fresh and thus represents the fresh cucumber taste of the cream cheese very well.

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