Verpackungsgestaltung Exquisa Der Sahnige

Especially creamy - Exquisa Packaging relaunch increases sales figures.

Mmm… Exquisa! As tasty and popular as that sounds, the packaging of Exquisa cream cheese should look good again. The goal of the extensive packaging design relaunch was to sharpen the positioning of the established brand and to strengthen the differentiation from direct competitors.

Verpackungsgestaltung Exquisa Frischkaese
Verpackungsgestaltung Exquisa

In close cooperation with Exquisa, the new packaging design visually emphasized the special product taste – especially the special stirred creaminess. On the other hand, the aim was to convey the closeness of the traditional brand of the Karwendel family business on a visual level.

Verpackungsdesign Exquisa
Verpackungsgestaltung Exquisa Der Sahnige

The cream cheese products of the Exquisa brand were launched on the German market in newly designed packaging at the beginning of 2014 – a total of 16 different varieties. The new packaging design quickly and sustainably met with the approval of retailers due to its convincing, clearly arranged performance in the refrigerated section.

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