Verpackungsgestaltung Exquisa Der Sahnige

Especially creamy - Exquisa Packaging relaunch increases sales figures.

Since we have carried out an extensive packaging relaunch together with the company Karwendel for the entire Exquisa product range, the Exquisa brand has registered a noticeable increase in sales figures.

Verpackungsgestaltung Exquisa Frischkaese
Verpackungsgestaltung Exquisa

Exquisa’s particularly creamy recipe for the cream cheese range is effectively presented.

Verpackungsdesign Exquisa
Verpackungsgestaltung Exquisa Der Sahnige

With an eye-catching colour concept directly linked to the brand history, which is consistently applied throughout the entire product range. With a clear, tidy design that prominently emphasizes the reference to the even creamier stirred recipe. With a new photographic concept, whose modern imagery presents the various products in an even higher quality and even more appetizing way, in which they are photographed directly from above. With the omission of the reflective, transparent plastic lid, the omission of which allows a clear, unobstructed view of the new packaging.

A packaging whose design also promises the highest product quality. And thus creates completely new buying incentives at the POS. That’s what success tastes like.

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