Visualisierung des Packaging deisgns für Fruitajik

Fruitajik - a special GIZ project with Tajikistan

Fruitajik is a special brand of dried fruits, vegetables and nuts from Tajikistan, THE paradise for apricots. In cooperation with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), twelve Tajik fruit and vegetable farmers have joined forces to create a B2C brand for the South Chinese, Middle Eastern and European markets to sell their sweet and vital snacks.

Visualisierung des Packaging designs für Becher von Fruitajik getrocknete Aprikosen und Pflaumen

We were commissioned with the development of a uniform corporate design for the products as well as for the website and various advertising materials such as roll-up banners, posters and giveaways – a beautiful and valuable project that we were happy to support with our creativity.

The omens for a successful establishment of the brand in the market were very good from the beginning, because the delicacies of Fruitajik fulfill not only one, but a whole range of aspects that are sought after nowadays and meet with enthusiasm among consumers:

– healthy and delicious raw food snacks for in between meals
– specialties from a fascinating country
– the possibility to discover new worlds and tastes
– high quality of fruits ripened on the trees
– sustainable thanks to environmentally friendly production and Fairtrade

In addition, the sale of the sun-dried fruits helps the rural population

– helps the rural population out of poverty
– contributes to the preservation of local biodiversity.
– promotes the development of agrotourism.

Visualisierung des Packaging designs für Becher und Beutel von Fruitajik getrocknete Pflaumen
Visualisierung des Packaging designs für Becher und Beutel von Fruitajik getrocknete Aprikosen

But good omens alone are not enough to actually establish a successful presence in the market. After all, all these good ideas and backgrounds of the brand also have to be communicated in an appealing way. Our task was to master this decisive step. A number of points had to be taken into account:

1. growing health awareness among consumers.

Consumers are attaching ever greater importance to eating healthily. Raw foods meet this demand. It is natural and free of additives. The purity of Fruitajik’s dried snacks should be evident at first glance. We achieved this in the design in a simple and equally expressive way using clear, unambiguous food shots with the respective fruits and supplementary depicted natural elements such as leaves.

2. trend towards individualization and single households

It’s not news that people are living increasingly individualized lives and often live alone. The classic family packs are no longer in unrestricted demand. Modern food products in particular, which undoubtedly include Fruitajik’s dried fruit, represent the “single trend” to a certain extent, as their increasing popularity coincides with the same period. Therefore, it was almost natural to focus on smaller portions. The compact packs also take account of the snack character of the products.

3. exceptional taste experiences

Modern consumers are more open and willing to experiment than the generations before them. They enjoy trying new things, not least on the culinary level. Exotic foods are popular. Consequently, Fruitajik’s design should prominently draw attention to the special origin of its products. This is achieved with the slogan “made with love in Tajikistan” directly below the brand name, as well as with the traditional pattern that decorates the background and is color-coordinated to match the respective product.

4 Greater thirst for knowledge on the part of consumers

Speaking of background, consumers today want to know more about the background of a brand and the production processes. The faster, effortless and clearer the relevant information is accessible, the more satisfied consumers will be. For this reason, it was also a concern to lend the design a manufactory or hand-made character. The label “HAND PICKED FOR YOU” cleverly inserted between the food shots expresses this perfectly. And on the back of the packaging, the consumer can also find out details about the production and sustainable benefits of the product in a compact format.

The Fruitajik brand gives some people hope for a better life. And it sweetens it for others. The corporate design on the packaging and everything else that belongs to this brand of dried fruit from Tajikistan now shows this and even more.

Visualisierung des Corporate Identity Designs für Fruitajik getrocknete Pflaumen & Aprikosen

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