Gardena ClickUp! Packaging Design

Gardena, the popular brand for useful garden products, can also do lifestyle. It demonstrates this with its ClickUp! line. This is a year-round lifestyle system that includes a wide variety of products for everyday use, such as decorative planters, stylish bird-feeding stations, and literally illuminating torches.


All products stand for high quality and attractive design – characteristics that should also be reflected in the packaging look. This is precisely why Gardena approached us. And we were happy to accept the challenge.

Speaking of challenges: Gardena has long since grown into a cult brand and is firmly established on the market. Most people, gardening enthusiasts or not, are familiar with the company, the logo, and the basic characteristics from quality to sustainability – in short, the Gardena DNA. Now, with ClickUp!, the company wants to address a new target group on the one hand, but remain true to itself and its regular customers on the other. Thus, with regard to the packaging design for the products of the lifestyle system, a solution had to be found that would give the completely new idea the necessary space without losing the special Gardena character.

It was important to incorporate the familiar Gardena logo into the packaging design. In addition, we had to ensure that the visual appearance matched the in-store concepts. In all of this, a refined approach was essential, yet the sophisticated principle of the lifestyle system had to be shown to its best advantage.

Incidentally, the highlight of the ClickUp! system is that different add-on elements can be “clicked” onto the basic utensil in the form of a classic wooden handle. This intuitively applicable 1-click connection system has been repurposed by Gardena and thus this principle has been relaunched.

The ClickUp! products are not garden tools in the conventional sense, but serve primarily to enhance the function and appearance of the garden. The premium articles noticeably enhance the flair in the green oasis. And that, according to Gardena’s brief, should already be clearly visible on the packaging. Accordingly, we had to do justice to the innovative idea behind the products with our design idea.

We solved the challenge with a packaging design that clearly emphasizes the respective product benefits through illustrative elements. The torch shows itself inflamed, birds dance around the bird feeder and splendid things bloom in the planter – to name just a few examples. Basically, the packaging design of the Gardena ClickUp! items appears clean, yet dynamic and emotional – in other words, the way it has to be to be novel and yet completely Gardena.