Gardena EcoLine Packaging Design Overview

GARDENA EcoLine - sustainable gardening tools environmentally friendly and stylishly packaged

With its EcoLine product range, the popular German brand GARDENA is making an important contribution to environmental protection. The garden tools in the series are designed to be sustainable all around. This crucial characteristic had to be transferred to the packaging, which had to appear outstanding and yet in line with the brand. As with many other series from the large GARDENA portfolio, we also took care of the design of the product packaging for the EcoLine.

The high-quality EcoLine garden tools from GARDENA are made primarily from recycled materials. In this way, the manufacturer sends a clear signal for a conscious, sustainable use of existing resources, in order to preserve nature as much as possible and to preserve its beauty. In the development of the material compositions, GARDENA placed great emphasis on high quality and durability. Passionate, environmentally conscious gardeners should be able to use the equipment for many years without problems and enjoy a high level of operating comfort. This is exactly what characterizes the EcoLine products. They ensure sustainable fun while gardening – in every respect. For this reason, the 2022 series was awarded the German Sustainability Award in the “Vision” category.

Looking at the various garden tools of the EcoLine, it can be seen at first glance that the design of these items clearly stands out from that of the standard GARDENA range. The renowned manufacturer has deliberately decided to do this in order to draw attention to the difference, the special nature of the series. The products are visually simple. They are presented in a few colors, which are also discreet. The combination with the recycled metal elements creates a look that is both modern and timelessly stylish.

Our task was, of course, to make the packaging of the EcoLine products just as sustainable – both physically and visually. In doing so, we had several challenges to overcome. First and foremost, the line had to stand out as an independent series, but still remain clearly recognizable as originating from GARDENA. The goal was therefore to create packaging that radiated both ‘Eco’ and ‘GARDENA’. Another challenge was the printing, which had to be done directly on brown cardboard. On a brown background, texts and images must always have a high contrast so that they do not disappear, but are shown off to their best advantage.


Here is an overview of the key characteristics of EcoLine packaging:

– Robust recycled material: the packaging is made of 100 percent recycled corrugated cardboard, a material whose high stability provides reliable support for garden utensils.

– Environmentally friendly printing inks: Only water-based and thus environmentally friendly high-tech inks are used for printing the EcoLine packaging.

– Restrained design: The design is simple and focuses on the sustainable materiality of the product and packaging.

– Uniform colors: The colors chosen for the packaging match those of the garden tools, ensuring a uniform, harmonious overall look.

– Clear icons: Easily recognizable explanatory icon sets clearly show consumers what they want to know about each product.

– Recyclable packaging: All packaging is 100 percent recyclable.

EcoLine products from GARDENA are the ideal gardening tools for enthusiastic and discerning green thumbs. Both the items themselves and the packaging we developed embody the GARDENA slogan “ReTh!nk”. They are designed to be sustainable in all respects and are accordingly a valuable contribution to cleverly thought-out and truly effective protection of our so precious environment.

Gardena EcoLine Packaging Design Single Product

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