Verpackung designen Golden Shoe

The trophy for the fan

The product “Golden Shoe” is a Blended Scotch Whisky in a soccer shoe shaped bottle. Its design is based on the popular Golden Shoe Trophy, which has been awarded to Europe’s most successful goal scorer for many years. Accordingly, the packaging of the “Golden Shoe” whisky had to be chosen and constructed in such a way that it would be a valuable gift and a trophy for the football fan.

Verpackungsdesign Golden Shoe
Packaging Design fuer GoldenShoe

For this purpose, the frame-like folding box was developed and the overall brand appearance of the “Golden Shoe” redesigned. A new branding or logo was developed, a new colour coding was chosen, refinements were integrated and the illustration style was modernised. An optional or temporary slipcase was also designed to communicate the current football event.

Package Design GoldenShoe

The “Golden Shoe” was introduced to the German-speaking market for the first time at the European Football Championship in France. The response from retailers was spontaneously positive throughout.

Packaging Design GoldenShoe

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