Verpackungsdesign Homann Salate

Holistic brand and package development for "homemade" potato salad

The Homann company is the market leader in Germany when it comes to delicatessen and side salads. “Homannomann” had become a winged word through testimonial Barbara Schöneberger and increased the popularity of the Homann brand. But even those spoiled by success feel the competition breathing down their necks from time to time – very often coming from the direction of the retail brands.

Homann countered this pressure by developing a new product line of potato and pasta salads which, due to their recipe, were supposed to look “like homemade”. The big goal: to give the Homann brand and its entire product range new, forward-looking impetus. We were involved in this exciting process at a very early stage in order to design and implement the appropriate packaging as part of an integrated packaging development process.

Verpackungsdesign Homann Salate

Together with Homann’s development team, we designed a distinctive appearance for the new delicatessen salads, focusing on the “like home-made” aspect and creating a comprehensive scenario: the housewife who wants to offer home-made potato salad but cannot and therefore falls back on the new Homann potato salad. This offers not only a taste “like homemade”, but also a packaging that is neutral, chic and table-top in the style of Tupperware. The cup, which is largely “unbranded” for this purpose by our structural designers, is equipped with a cardboard banderole for its appearance on the sales shelf, which makes the delicatessen salad “tasty” in the truest sense of the word, also via the graphic packaging design. The new product range “Today: Potato Salad” was born.

Product, branding concept and packaging were wonderfully accepted by consumers. Within a year, Homann was able to win over 800,000 new households and sell 2.3 million packagings with the product range “Heute: …”, which we developed holistically. Not only these figures prove that the integrated packaging development of brand concept, naming, branding and packaging design leads to sustainable success.

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Packaging Design Homann
Verpackung designen Homann
Verpackungsdesign Homann Vergleich

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