Maggi Core Fixe Range neue Packaging Designs von Berndt und Partner Creality

Maggi Core Fixe - it greens so green

Natural food is on everyone’s lips, in every sense and in the truest sense. Anyone who wants to be successful in the food industry has to embrace this trend. This is true even for established brands like Maggi. Thought, said, done. Berndt+Partner Creality was commissioned to design the packaging for the tasty Maggi Core Fixe range.

Green stands for freshness and naturalness – in other words, exactly what today’s discerning gourmet wants most for his culinary delights. It is therefore not surprising that more and more brands are eagerly working on their packaging design in order to present their products in a greener light and to attract consumers’ attention – evoking positive associations. This was also Maggi’s declared goal for the products in its Core Fixe range. However, the packs were not only to be green in terms of color, but were also to embody an overall closeness to nature – but all this in such a way that the brand identity was fully retained.

The task of our designers was therefore to give the packaging significantly more naturalness and appetite appeal within the special design personality of Maggi, in order to catch the eye on the shelves of supermarkets and food retailers and to arouse the interest of consumers again. Meeting these criteria all around was a major challenge – especially since there was limited space on the small package to highlight the intense green note, incorporate a lot of food shot – Appetite Appeal – and ensure good variety differentiation.

Working closely with SBU of Vevey, we succeeded in achieving our goals for the new packaging design. The packaging for Maggi Core Fixe products is now made of Crafted Paper, which already provides an excellent basis for the natural look. The accentuating green text and image elements continue to contribute to this. They are not overdone and thus appear all the more powerful. In addition, the relatively large food shot – it takes up more than a third of the frontal packaging design – creates the targeted appetite appeal that is essential for sales success.

Despite the green design elements, the packaging of the various Maggi Core Fixe varieties is typically clean – i.e. clearly structured. The layout is uncluttered, the food styling natural, fresh and modern, and the information density high. The packaging design thus meets all requirements. Even the mechanics are convincing.

Maggi Core Fixe neues Packaging Design von Berndt und Partner Creality
Maggi Core Fixe Spaghetti Bolognese neues Packaging Design von Berndt und Partner Creality

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