Maggi Suppen Foodtravel Komposition

Maggi Food Travel Soups and Fix Sauces - a tasty journey to distant country cuisines

With the delicious Food Travel soups and Fix Saucen the popular mark Maggi makes varied pleasure journeys possible in the midst of the everyday life. For the short but intense time span of the cooking act as well as the following meal, the consumer “beams” mentally – or let’s better say tastefully – into a distant country, a special cuisine, a fascinating culture. This feeling had to be conveyed through the packaging design of the various food travel products. The customer should start his culinary journey just by looking at the packaging and not be able to do anything else but buy the soup or fix sauce. To put this ambitious plan into practice, Maggi once again opted for the creativity of B+P Creality.

First, a few words about the products themselves: The Food Travel soups and fix sauces are mainly inspired by the spicy-aromatic flavors of Greece, Asia and the Orient, designed with natural ingredients and the ideal solution to quickly conjure up extraordinary and delicious dishes on the table and at the same time to experience and enjoy a little time-out from the monotony of everyday life. The soups only need to be stirred and heated with water and a touch of butter or oil, while the Fix Sauces are intended as the centerpiece for specific dishes – for which exactly can be deduced in each case from the product name, such as “Turkey Wok”, “Thai Curry” or “Gyros”.

The purpose of the Food Travel products is clear from these explanations – but how do you get all that onto a comparatively tiny package? In consultation with Maggi, we decided on several elements that universally evoke travel associations:

– Postmark: the name of the product series, read “Food Travel,” is designed as an authentic postmark that definitely draws smiling glances, but without claiming the very big perception focus for itself.

– Stamp: The name and description of the delicious dish that can be prepared with the contents of the package frames a stamp that clearly identifies itself as such.

– Illustrations: A matching illustration of the dish’s origin perfectly rounds out that part of the packaging design that is simply meant to convey pure travel feeling. On the packaging of the Gyros Fix Sauce, for example, it is the Acropolis in Athens, one of Greece’s greatest attractions, that immediately puts the viewer in the mood for travel. The soups are decorated with oriental patterns.

Maggi Suppen Foodtravel indische Süßkartoffel
Maggi Suppen Foodtravel orientalische Linsensuppe
Maggi Suppen Foodtravel Thai-Kokossuppe

Furthermore, the packaging design as a whole should make people want to buy the product again and again. To make the packaging even more inviting, we chose strong, warm, cheerful colors that always harmonize with the character of the respective product. For example, the Indian sweet potato soup is presented in a subtle shade of orange. In general, the packaging design radiates freshness – among other things through the green highlighted reference to the natural ingredients contained and of course also through the realistic foodshot. The latter seductively depicts the delicious dish that can be prepared with the Maggi Food Travel pouch. In addition, individual ingredients relevant to the dish are highlighted pictorially.

While concentrating on evoking positive emotions in the recipient with expressive images and colors, it was equally important to integrate the crucial information about the product coherently when redesigning the packaging. When you take a look at the packaging, you will immediately notice that our designers have succeeded very well in integrating elementary data and facts in a discreet yet quickly comprehensible way. The colorful Nutri-Score is located on the bottom left of both the soups and the sauces. For the Food Travel Fix products, the information on portions and preparation time is integrated directly into the Foodshot, so that the gourmet is guided even more precisely to the dish. Looking at the foodshot while simultaneously noticing the tangible minutes until enjoyment really makes your mouth water.

Measured against the main elements, i.e. the stamp and the food shot, which clearly dominate the packaging design, the Maggi logo takes up relatively little space. However, it shines out so brightly that it is nevertheless shown to its best advantage and can easily dispense with the size advantage in favor of the emotionalizing, seductive design aspects.

In summary, we have mastered the challenge of evoking travel fever and pleasure in the viewer in a matter of seconds. Although several pictorial “lures” are used for this purpose, the packaging design does not appear overloaded at any point – on the contrary, it offers plenty of scope to individually conceive and realize the culinary journey.

Keyvisual Food Travel Fixe
Keyvisual Food Travel Fixe ChopSuey
Keyvisual Food Travel Fixe Curry
Keyvisual Food Travel Fixe Köttbullar
Keyvisual Food Travel Fixe TexMex

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