Packaging Design Maggi Wochenmarkt

Naturalness and freshness - Brand new product packaging concept

As a provider with phenomenal seasoning competence, MAGGI shows its brand with its brand new range “Ideas from the weekly market”. Focus of the product packaging concept, which was developed by Berndt+Partner Creality, are the values naturalness and freshness, which have been among the top trends with German consumers for a matter time.

MAGGI offers diverse combinations for natural, fresh and creative cooking with its new seasoning mixes and pastes. The range trades under the claim “Ideas from the weekly market” and is a convincing step from MAGGI towards the values of naturalness and freshness which are preferred by the customer. At the same time, Creality’s customized concept establishes MAGGI as a provider with seasoning competence who makes fresh and natural pleasure beyond instant powder possible through its tasty mixes.

Ambassador of the new level of naturalness and freshness is a new packaging concept that counts on the combination of transparent pouches and a cardboard sleeve. The transparent pouch offers product visibility and successfully uses the trump of the natural and fresh seasoning. The punching out in the sleeve draws the consumers attention to the natural freshness in the pouch. The front-facing closure carries the logo and thereby emphasizes the brand MAGGI which makes the consumers sustainably recall it with every opening.

The innovative, attractive and striking appearance convey the strong values of MAGGIs „Ideas from the weekly market“ in a convincing way and conquers eye, heart and palate of shoppers and consumers alike.

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