MAGGI Suppen neues Packaging Design

Maggi Soups 2.0 - clear design for clear enjoyment

Quick to prepare and delicious: Maggi’s various soups have been welcome starters and snacks on the dinner table for decades. In order to make the pea, tomato or alphabet soup even tastier for gourmets who love efficiency at the stove, small changes with a big effect were required in terms of packaging design. We at Berndt+Partner Creality took up the challenge and gave the soup packaging a contemporary makeover.

It was clear to those responsible at Maggi: in order to remain fully competitive, the soups absolutely needed a new look. The packaging had to be modern, but without compromising the classic, traditional characteristics of the brand. And above all, the packaging should always give the consumer a clear indication of what awaits him inside, or ultimately in the saucepan and soup bowl. Maggi offers a wide variety of soups – these had to be visually highlighted.

The company asked us to create our own design style within the new Maggi guideline ‘ReiMAGGIne’ and to clearly highlight the different categories from clear soup to cream soup and children’s soup. The adapted packaging design should make it easy for the consumer to immediately – i.e. at first glance – identify and evaluate each bag, in the sense of “A creamy wild mushroom soup, that’s exactly what I have in mind”.

Accordingly, we were challenged

– to add a healthy pinch of modernity to the traditional Maggi charm,
– to achieve a good differentiation of the 39 soup varieties in total, and
– to place a large food shot on the packaging between the text modules for the most important information on the respective soup, which makes the viewer’s mouth water.

To meet the demand for a modern look, our designers opted for a straight-line typeface with occasional integrated squiggly details and, in principle, for less text and more images. The differentiation of the varieties has been perfectly achieved through the larger foodshot as well as the clever combination of illustrative elements and images of real ingredients. For example, cute illustrations of animals and fairy-tale characters make it clear that these are children’s soups.

The new design gives the packaging of Maggi soups a fresh and natural flair – exactly what more and more consumers want these days. In addition, the larger foodshot and the small loving details around it tastefully highlight the characteristics of each soup – in the truest sense of the word. With the changed packaging design, each Maggi Soup 2.0 is a real one-of-a-kind, even from the outside.

MAGGI Suppen neues Packaging Design für Suppe Creme Waldpilz
MAGGI Suppen neues Packaging Design für Suppe Creme Erbsen
MAGGI Suppen neues Packaging Design für Tomatensuppe Toscana
MAGGI Suppen neues Packaging Design für Gespenster Suppe
MAGGI Suppen neues Packaging Design für Märchen Suppe
MAGGI Suppen neues Packaging Design für Tierfiguren Suppe

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