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With the new, very innovative product line “Würzquickies” Maggi went completely new ways – not only with regard to the product concept, but also with regard to an agile, modern approach. Within a very short time with maximum integration of all competences – from brand and product strategists to design experts and consumer researchers – the “Würzquickies” were developed and implemented within the framework of our product innovation development.

These spice blends were primarily intended to appeal to younger target groups. This is a range of 4 mix varieties, which are specifically designed to spice up dishes. Each spice mix is represented by a caricatured character: for example “Ernie Egg” for egg dishes, “Trudi Tomato” for pasta with tomato sauce or “Paula Potato” for potato toppings or similar.
The lovingly elaborated illustrations of the characters and a cheeky text concept let the spice blends become a completely new product experience and underline Maggi’s claim to contemporary, modern seasoning competence. The comparatively elaborate packaging concept “Spice shaker in folding box” successfully rounds off the outstanding product appearance.

The folding carton is inserted from the outside to the inside: The natural, matt side on the outside conveys a natural, rough feeling, and the glossy, coated side on the inside – also due to the full-surface design and printing – provides a big “aha” moment when opening. There is also a punched viewing window through which contact with the glass spice shaker can be made.

And a brief word about the text concept: This was created individually for each variety and in keeping with the respective characters. There is no more pleasure in reading package information!


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