Make two out of one: Herta meat sausage in a practical Duo fresh pack

The well-known sausage brand Herta has added another product to its range: meat sausage in a practical Duo Fresh Pack. This is primarily aimed at users who want more convenience. Our agency was commissioned to find this new solution, which is compatible with Herta’s existing technology.

The problem of the original packaging format

The classic packaging, which contains the 500 gram meat sausage as a whole in one compartment, is primarily intended for families who share the product, which ensures relatively quick consumption. For individuals and couples, however, this complete pack has a decisive disadvantage: the comparatively large quantity can hardly be consumed by one or two people in one or two days under normal circumstances. This in turn means that the freshness of the sausage suffers. To counteract this problem, Herta wanted to reformat or portion the product.

The challenge for our agency

Our packaging innovation department took on the task and, as mentioned at the beginning, was faced with a major challenge: We had to develop a new format for the meat sausage that solved the problem described above and was also compatible with Herta’s existing packaging technology. We developed a variant that met both requirements: the 2 x 200 gram pack is an excellent alternative for consumers who want to enjoy their meat sausage in smaller bites or over a longer period of time.

The benefits of Duo packaging for consumers

The two individual, smaller sausages in separate chambers keep the meat fresh for longer. The gourmet can divide up the product better and more flexibly. The handling of the duo packaging is also impressive: the two chambers can be easily separated and opened independently of each other using a stable yet easy-to-operate perforation. Incidentally, there are no recognition difficulties for existing Herta customers: The new packaging is just as crescent-shaped as the original and features the same graphics.

A brief portrait of the Herta company

Herta is one of the most popular meat product manufacturers in Germany. The traditional company began in 1897 as a small family butcher’s shop called Schweisfurth in Herten. Due to its rapidly growing popularity, the company opened its first factory in 1902 and began processing its meat products by machine. In 1947, the company finally changed its name to Herta in reference to its founding location and headquarters. Since then, the brand logo and the product range have continuously changed and developed, but the manufacturer has always remained true to one thing: its claim to high quality, which implies carefully selected ingredients and meticulous preparation, including consistent hygiene and safety measures.


With the 2 x 200 gram Duo-Pack, we have dressed Herta’s aromatic meat sausage in tasteful packaging – in the truest sense of the word. While the meat product manufacturer can use its existing packaging machine for the packaging and therefore does not have to invest in new packaging technology, consumers benefit from added freshness and flexibility.

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