NUK Mini-Me - creative packaging ideas for drinking bottles

The traditional German company MAPA commissioned our agency to support the creation of a sustainable and innovative packaging system for the NUK Mini-Me drinking bottles with creative input. We implemented the project in two stages.

First, we comprehensively analyzed the market and planned packaging situation and drew our conclusions from this. We then developed ideas for suitable packaging based on our findings. After just three weeks, we had already provided the desired suggestions, which helped MAPA to develop an optimal packaging concept.

The requirements profile for the packaging system

When developing concrete ideas for the packaging system for the NUK Mini-Me product range, various aspects and requirements had to be taken into account.

Product and brand

The packaging should…

– implement the new NUK brand identity, which focuses on the product with its design and benefits.
– make the brand name clearly visible and highlight at least two product benefits.
– offer space for country-specific declarations such as addresses, icons, etc.

POS and competitors

The packaging should…

– focus on the unique and eye-catching shape of the product.
– enable upright and hanging presentation.
– prevent the product from being removed without destroying it and thus ensure good protection against theft.

Consumer and application

The packaging should…

– be open so that the customer can see the general design and the drinking spout and touch the cup material directly.
– appeal to fashion-conscious mothers and fathers who also prefer to choose products for their offspring according to their own taste.

Technology and process

The packaging should…

– be as easy and quick to fill and close as possible, given the manual packaging process that is standard at NUK.
– correspond to the brand-specific budget.
– convince with stability and durability in the logistics process.

Ecological sustainability

The packaging should…

– contain no plastic.
– use as little material as possible.
– be highly recyclable in Germany.

Our suggestions for the packaging of the NUK Mini-Me drinking bottles

Taking into account the requirements described above, we proposed several packaging solutions to MAPA for the NUK Mini-Me drinking bottles, which were suitable in principle and each had different advantages and disadvantages:

– Folding carton: large design area, medium material usage, medium product experience
– Banderole or hang tag: less design space, less material used, better product experience
– Wrap-around sleeve: large design area, higher material usage, lower product experience
– Molded fiber packaging: medium design area, higher material usage, lower product experience

The final result – this is how the NUK Mini-Me drinking bottles are packaged

Based on our suggestions, MAPA ultimately opted for a paper sleeve with a flat base at the bottom and a tag at the top. This allows the product to be offered both standing and hanging at the POS.

The wrap around the neck of the bottle kills two birds with one stone: firstly, it makes it impossible to remove the product without destroying it; secondly, it provides sufficient space to ensure that the brand name is clearly visible and to draw attention to the advantage that NUK Mini-Me can be used as a straw cup and as a drinking bottle.

The wrapping at the bottom provides information about two other key product features, namely age suitability and the environmentally friendly material.

The cup is freely accessible between the wrappings and can therefore be perceived by the consumer both visually and haptically.

With these details, the packaging for the NUK Mini-Me drinking bottles impressively fulfills all the key requirements.

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