Rustipani Wagner Veggie Packaging Design

Original Wagner Rustipani Vegan - contemporary packaging design for rustic bread enjoyment in the veggie variant.

If you’ve been following our projects for a while, you may remember: A few years ago, we developed an innovative, holistic product concept and packaging design for the then novel oven bread from pizza expert Original Wagner. In the meantime, Rustipani has become a more than successful subbrand of the renowned Nestlé brand. Most recently, the vegan version of the rustic bread delight has conquered the market – in a contemporary wrapper again created by us, whose look is of course closely based on the look of the packaging of the other Rustipani.

The demand for vegan meat alternatives is continuously increasing, so of course Original Wagner is also following the unstoppable trend. With the vegan Rustipani, the brand’s popular rustic oven breads are now also available for consumers who want or need to do without animal ingredients completely. The veggie breads consist of an airy, crispy base pre-baked according to Ernst Wagner’s tried-and-tested baking tradition and a topping made from a variety of vegan ingredients. Highlights include vegan fillet pieces made from soy protein and vegan cheese varieties based on coconut oil, complemented by colorful, juicy vegetables for a colorful and also materially diverse treat.

All these benefits of the deliciously crunchy oven breads were to be ideally showcased on the new packaging – as was the fact that they are vegan versions. When launching the Rustipani a few years ago, Original Wagner already attached great importance to clearly communicating the product via the packaging. The overriding goal in a nutshell: the consumer’s mouth should start watering just by looking at the packaging, while at the same time perceiving the special, rustic character of the oven bread and, in the case of the veggie versions, directly recognizing that the Rustipani are completely free of animal ingredients.

Just like the other popular oven breads from Original Wagner, the vegan Rustipani are packaged in a convenient folding box. The basic design that we originally developed for the product line has also remained largely the same. Here is an overview of the key aspects:

– graphic representation of the deliciously topped oven bread
– Bread half wrapped in a baker’s bag
– bread and bag rest on a rustic wooden board
– “Original Wagner” brand logo, “Rustipani” subbrand and product specifications (light or dark oven bread and key ingredients illustrated and textual) highlighted above baker’s bag
– prominent “Vegan” label in the upper right corner
– mandatory Nutriscore statement in the lower left corner

Note: For easy differentiation of the vegan Rustipani from the other variants of the oven bread, the rustic wooden board is green instead of brown for the veggie variants.

Compared to the original packaging design of Original Wagner’s Rustipani, the packaging for the new vegan oven breads presents itself a bit more modern to match the rapidly changing zeitgeist and the extraordinary veggie lifestyle. The design makes the vegan Rustipani stand out on the refrigerated shelf. They attract attention and, with their rustic presentation that specifically emphasizes the bakery world, immediately make you want to buy the oven breads and try them right after you get home. In this sense, the packaging does everything it is supposed to do without being overbearing. It is restrained and yet expressive, because it shows what the shopper wants to see standing in front of the shelf.

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