Packaging Design Rausch Schokolade

The Berlin-based company Rausch has always stood for high-quality chocolates and pralines. With “Rausch Plantagenschokolade” (“plantation chocolate”), one of the first chocolate ranges on the market was already established in the 1990s, focusing on the regions of origin of cocoa and the different proportions of cocoa in product and variety communication.

Packaging Development Rausch

The relaunch now completed positions the range even more strongly in the direction of super premium and expresses this by a clear focus on the high-percentage cocoa range (60%, 70%, 75% and 80%). On the other hand, a packaging concept was developed which expresses the special features of “Rausch Plantagenschokolade” through an envelope-like folding process, but above all through its elaborate refinement.

As part of the Final Artwork + Roll-Out process, the main task of B+P Creality was to develop an innovative yet feasible folding technique and to ensure the feasibility of the finishes, especially the extremely filigree decorative die-cutting on the front of the chocolate package.

Packaging Design Rausch

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