Packaging Design Baerchen Nuggets

Flexible tray for children's vegetarian meals

The private butchery Reinert will in future support the so-called Flexitarians in feeding their children with less meat. For this purpose, delicious vegetarian substitute products for children are produced under the popular children’s brand “Bärchen” and offered to the new target group on supermarket shelves in a new type of packaging.

Package Design Baerchen

In detail, a bowl was produced according to the “One fits all” principle and dimensioned to fit both the bear nuggets and the bear schnitzel. A cardboard sleeve was designed around this tray, which has meanwhile been learned by the vegetarian target group and thus contributes to the category code of vegetarian and vegan products. The sleeve is designed in the typical brand bear shape and – together with the sky printing on the sealing foil underneath – creates a child-friendly overall image. The selectively finished cardboard sleeve transports the most important product characteristics naturally, healthily and vegetarian and also offers colouring pictures inside for the small customers.

Packaging Design Baerchen

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