Development of the Stick Pack

The stomach gel Riopan is one of several products on the German market that leads to relief of heartburn and similar stomach problems. The so-called Stick Pack, a very slim bag, which allows the user to take the product very comfortably without any aids, has become an indispensable part of the consumer goods markets of this world.

B+P Creality originally developed this packaging innovation in close cooperation with the various packaging suppliers. The special feature was – and still is – the reduction or elimination of the large rear fin of the longitudinal sealing seam, which restricts the graphic and constructive design of conventional narrow form tubular bags. By sealing in a narrow film strip, the fin can even be completely dispensed with, the surfaces can be used graphically more consistently and a smoothly functioning tear-open aid can be integrated. In addition, material savings of up to 30% can be achieved.

Stick packs are now used worldwide and across all market segments for a wide variety of viscous or powdery products – including yoghurt, dressings and delicatessen sauces as well as sugar and analgetics.

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