Fresh Fish

With the brand company Rügenfisch, Creality was able to show how you can be spot-on successful with brand strategic work and optimally convert the results into a design concept from logo to packaging. An important component for a victorious battle of the Brand + Packaging design relaunch were consumer studies.

The Rügenfisch company calls brands such as Hawesta, Lysell or the before-mentioned Rügenfisch its own. For the realignment and repositioning of the Rügenfisch brand, the company relied on the expertise of Creality.

From the beginning the consumer was central to our work. As our customer’s customer he is ultimately the one tipping the scales. Through online studies we explored what consumers of fish and canned fish expect. Besides the aspect of authenticity, consumers showed great expectations concerning health and freshness. Attributes, which so far have hardly been connected to canned fish.

Our realignment of the packaging performance focuses heavily on the ascertained values. The chalk cliff stands for a well-known and positively loaded symbol for the popular island of Rügen. The picture strikingly and authentically conveys the freshness and of air and water as well as the feeling of a healthy life by the sea. Elements, that are taken up by the sophisticated blue and white stripes of the can rim. The maritime element acts as a frame that characterizes and reinforces the effect of the picture.

The product itself represents itself grounded and rustic – completely in line with the East German brand Rügenfisch, that is known more for its rustic and hearty fish specialties, as opposed to its West German counterpart Hawesta.

One detail we consciously placed in a very dominant manner is the MSC logo. In the course of our consumer survey it became clear that consumers pay a lot of attention to the MSC seal and associate it with freshness, health and even authenticity.

To transfer the consumer-preferred values onto the brand, we have elevated the Rügenfisch logo to new freshness, health and strength with an effective facelift. If the fish rigidly sat on bar before, it now jumps merrily out of a moving wave.

If you want to be victorious with brand and packaging design you will need a force that will give all its energy, heart and expertise for brand and product – as was the case with Rügenfisch.

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