Packaging Innovation Muehlenwuerstchen

The sausages in the cup

As part of our comprehensive innovation activities for Rügenwalder Mühle, it was the task for its development team and for us to open up new segments within the meat and sausage industry. Based on a corresponding analysis, the sausage segment, which had been rather neglected until then, was selected for this purpose. In other words, grind sausages – chilled and without sausage water.

Packaging Ruegenwalder Muehlenwuerstchen

The result of the development work of our structural designers and packaging engineers was a resealable cup with a shape that conforms to the brand, in which the sausages stood upright. A real eye-catcher in the chiller cabinet.

With the packaging development of Mühlen Würstchen, a new product packaging with real USP was generated for Rügenwalder Mühle. An absolute novelty in the sausage shelf, which had revived the entire market segment of sausages. Another example of an innovative product that has established itself very successfully in the market through consistent packaging development and creates real added value for the consumer.

Packaging Design Muehlenwuerstchen
Packaging Muehlenwuerstchen

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