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The right design for car and handicraft workshops

It is well known that the German’s car is his favourite child. But even if the enthusiasm in this country is particularly high, car owners worldwide are looking for a variety of specialized products for the care of their “favourite”, ranging from paint cleaning and polishing, upholstery cleaning and cockpit care to rim cleaners and products for the components under the bonnet. For this reason, SONAX wanted an optimized brand and product presentation for its range, which had grown to an impressive breadth. On the one hand, this should bring out the product diversity of the brand in an appealing and eye-catching manner at the different points of sale, while at the same time clearly distinguishing and identifying the individual sub-segments. In addition, products aimed at special target groups such as owners of hobby workshops had to be integrated.

In the first step, we analyzed the different application locations and scenarios as well as the wishes, needs and motivations of consumers. For example, the importance and attitude towards the different care areas of a car were determined as well as the frequency of car care, the height of which surprised even the experts at SONAX. The results were then deepened in field visits to specialist car dealers, supermarkets, DIY stores and petrol stations and checked for the specific shelf situation – also taking into account the neighbouring competition.


As a result, B+P Creality designed a dominant brand umbrella which, unlike its predecessor, is visually dominant, radiates a great deal of dynamism, sets the brand “on top” for all products and emphasises the character of the care points with a special “highlight”. The individual sub-segments of the product range were cleaned of logical errors, their composition optimized and equipped with a brand-compliant yet individual, accentuated design via a uniform color management system. In addition, each individual product conveys a credible price premium and innovation leadership.


The example of the “yellow series”, which is aimed at semi-professional users and which Creality opted for a strictly graphic design along a pictogram control system, shows how these requirements were successfully applied to packaging. The results of the relaunch of the “yellow series” are very positive, so that the other sub-segments are also to be rolled out in future.

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