Nachhaltige Verpackung für NUK aus Papier

Sustainable packaging for the NUK teat of the company MAPA

Under the brand name NUK, the well-known company MAPA developed an ecologically sustainable teat made of 99 percent mass-balanced organic plastic and natural latex. The packaging should also follow this as best as possible. Our full-service packaging agency is known for its holistic approach. That’s why MAPA approached us with a brief to help the company devise a sustainable packaging system for the NUK teat. Time was of the essence, and the project had to be completed quickly.

That was our task

Our task was to work with MAPA to develop packaging that would harmonize perfectly with the product, i.e. the NUK teat. We were to provide the company with creative input and also come up with concrete packaging ideas.

Since the development process was already underway internally at MAPA and the overall timeline was very short, we only had about a month to

– Research and document relevant examples of sustainable packaging in the marketplace, as well as review them for applicability to the NUK teat.

– to conduct a creative workshop together with MAPA and to find and discuss different packaging ideas for the ecological teat.

– to concretize and visualize suitable sustainable packaging ideas.

This is how we proceeded

Step 1: Research and documentation

First, we obtained an overall view of the current situation in the market. We looked at sustainable packaging and packaging materials. Then we filtered out those search results from the large pool that were applicable to the new NUK teat. In addition to the product itself, we also had to keep an eye on the brand, the POS and the consumer.

The result of this process was 16 one-pagers. Each page represented a sustainable packaging that could potentially be used for the NUK teat, each with an image and a short profile.

Step 2: Creative workshop

After these important introductory steps, we turned our attention to preparing for a joint four-hour creative workshop with MAPA. Since the Corona pandemic was at a peak at the time, the creative session was to take place online. We planned the schedule and, moreover, produced creative stimulus materials.

Soon, we were running the workshop. The interactive idea generation and evaluation ran creatively and, thanks to the moderation, in a very structured way. In parallel, we visualized the ideas through speed scribbles and secured the results. In short, the whole thing was a complete success. Our follow-up documentation included about 50 ideas with scribbles and assessments.

Step 3: Concretization and visualization

Based on the insights gained during the creative workshop, we worked out concrete ideas – with detailed descriptions and visualizations in the form of colored drawings. This resulted in a total of seven packaging ideas for the NUK teat.

We presented these seven concrete packaging ideas to MAPA. After a constructive discussion of our proposals, we jointly selected three winners. We then supplied the first material and packaging samples for these. In the end, this packaging design was chosen:

By the way, the packaging is made of cardboard, which makes it completely recyclable.

Final remarks

In just a few weeks, we worked with MAPA to develop sustainable cardboard packaging that harmonizes perfectly with the NUK teat. This is because the packaging is just as technically and visually sustainable as the product. This means that it absolutely meets the requirements of the target group, i.e. those people who attach greater importance to environmental protection and sustainability.

One should never disregard the fact that the packaging is a main communicator of the respective product. That is why a holistic approach, such as the one we take, is of the utmost importance. When product and packaging merge, become one, the authenticity that turns consumers into customers is created. This is exactly what characterizes the NUK teat and its packaging.

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