A brand-compliant and at the same time economically produced glass for instant coffee

Instant coffee is THE relevant coffee product, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia. There – in contrast to us – it is also associated with enjoyment and premium aspects. The demands on the packaging are correspondingly high, primarily high-grade, wide-necked glass containers. Tchibo – as the actual roasted coffee specialist – operates here with its “Tchibo Exclusive” instant coffee range. The hourglass-shaped container glass originally used for this product performed very well from a market and marketing perspective, but from an overall economic point of view it had considerable cost disadvantages.

Our task was to develop a new container glass with our packaging optimisation PLUS approach that performs well in terms of costs from a production and sales perspective, but without losing attractiveness from a brand and consumer perspective. In the end, a new optimized glass family was developed that can now do both – meet the economic and design requirements of packaging.


The relaunch – consisting of the sizes 50, 100 and 200g – was successfully introduced in the instant coffee affine Eastern European countries Poland, Russia and other former CIS states as well as in Germany.

Packaging Design Tchibo
Packaging Design Tchibo Feine Milde

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