Package Design Teraflex

Brand and Product Strategy for Theraflex from Bayer

Theraflex is one of Bayer’s leading products for joint pain in Russia. It is usually used to assist the joints affected by wear and tear during regeneration. While so far only two products have been established on the market – one for moderate joint complaints and one for advanced complaints, including painkillers – the potential for a wide range of different products to support joint problems slumbers in Bayer’s development pipeline: from the prophylactic supplement to the analgesic cream to the stabilizing and possibly cooling bandage.

Together with Bayer and our glba partner agency in Russia, we developed a brand and design strategy including brand architecture and in this way built the solid brand umbrella under which all Theraflex brand products will be clearly arranged and communicated to consumers in the future. The T-shaped surface in the assortment-specific colour is particularly striking in the new Brand + Packaging Design, which on the one hand greatly improves the POS performance and on the other hand provides a great deal of clarity along the arrangement of the product information.


Verpackungsdesign Thera Vergleich
Young sport man with strong athletic legs holding knee with his
Packaging Design Teraflex

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