THOMY mayonnaise and co. in a jar - friendly as ever

The major THOMY packaging relaunch has not stopped at mayonnaise and its “relatives” in the jar. The new design with our design implementation brings out the idea of uncomplicated enjoyment and the friendly character of the popular brand even better.

Here is an overview of the most important design features of THOMY mayonnaise and remoulade:

– The white cloud has long acted as a representative of the brand. Anyone who sees it knows immediately, “Aha, that’s something tasty from THOMY!” In the cloud, the product or the respective variety reveals itself by name.

– Since the font is kept like the other THOMY products, it creates the desired recognition value and thus supports the branding.

– The small dots are to be understood as a symbol for the spread of enjoyment – and moreover embody the loose-friendly personality of the brand.

– Illustrations of key ingredients – especially the ice cream, but also the cucumber and herbs in the case of the Gourmet Remoulade – show the consumer pictorially what is processed in the respective product.

– Different colors identify the varieties and make it particularly easy to distinguish between them, especially since the tones have been chosen to match the contents. For example, the label of the remoulade, which contains pickles and herbs, has a green background.

– Thanks to the glass packaging, the consumer can see the mayonnaise or remoulade, which makes it easier for him to imagine the moment of consumption just by looking at it, and in this way establish a direct emotional connection with the product.


“Die natürlich Leichte” from THOMY contains 64 percent less fat than the brand’s classic mayonnaise. To emphasize this difference, the label has a slightly different design: it features the brightly striped background that is also found on the Hollandaise sauce bottle, among other things. The striped pattern exudes lightness – a characteristic that perfectly characterizes both the product and the brand.

All in all, the mayonnaises and remoulades, as well as the naturally light ones in the jar, reflect what THOMY has always stood for: a congenial world for the whole family, whose members simply want to celebrate culinary delights together.

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