Thomy Senf Redesign zwei Gläser blau und rot

THOMY mustard in a fresh look

Here comes a new installment of our THOMY design relaunch saga: We also gave the delicate mustard in a jar a fresh look by implementing the design – and, of course, included central design elements that can also be found in the other THOMY products, such as the popular Hollandaise sauce bottle, the tubes or the Tetra Pak sauces: the cloud, the creative and modern illustrations and the play with expressive, friendly colors. In addition, THOMY mustard scores with a convincing solution in terms of sustainable packaging.

The improved packaging design of THOMY mustard in a jar is clear and tidy, but does not lack the familiar charm typical of the brand. It presents itself clearly and invitingly – just as it should be.

The focus is on the

– the cloud, from which the name of the variety speaks,
– the distinctive THOMY logo in dark blue and yellow and
– an appealing illustration of the mustard with green leaves that refer to the natural ingredients it contains.

The font in the cloud exudes the looseness and composure that THOMY products generally stand for – these are intended to provide consumers with high culinary enjoyment in a particularly simple way.

Another characteristic feature of THOMY mustard in a jar is the deliberate use of strong background colors, sometimes enhanced with patterns. This makes it easy for the consumer to distinguish and assign the varieties. The hot mustard, for example, is bathed in fiery red – and its slightly darker jagged pattern visually underscores the intense spiciness that awaits the connoisseur.

And there is another point with which the THOMY mustard attracts positive attention: it embodies sustainability in the best sense. Because the attractively shaped jar, in which the food is optimally protected from rapid spoilage, can be reused as a stylish drinking glass after the condiment has been used up. Consequently, the product produces virtually no waste and even offers consumers added practical value. In this sense, the THOMY mustard is packaged successfully all around.

Thomy Senf Redesign Glas rot scharf
Thomy Senf Redesign Glas blau

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