Packaging Design Wagner Baeckerkruste

The innovative product “Wagner BäckerKruste” is a combination of crispy stone-baked bread with an extra crispy crust and a hearty, juicy topping. For the primary target group of families, BäckerKruste is intended as an alternative to classic evening bread with a sandwich & Co.

In terms of design strategy, the packaging design of the Wagner Bakery Crust had to be clearly linked to the world of the Original Wagner Stone Oven Pizza. The established design elements of the blue stone oven and the cosy warm background in the background of the packaging front are therefore also used for the 5 BäckerKruste varieties. In addition to the appetizing presentation of the crispy stone-oven bread and the juicy topping alternatives, they are mainly responsible for addressing the potential stone-oven target groups.

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