WAGO Packaging Relaunch - more concise and distinctive packaging design

“Empower connections” – according to this motto, the German company WAGO, founded in 1951, manufactures various technical products for an intelligently networked world. Powerful products need correspondingly expressive packaging. That’s why the company commissioned our agency to redesign the packaging. They were to be more modern, but first and foremost more concise, striking and uniform.

WAGO uses many different packaging materials for its extensive and varied product range. Some are available as white patterns, which are first rearranged by labels – and some of these labels present themselves simply in black and white. Another typical feature is the very often used scatter print, for example for the brand name or the slogan mentioned at the beginning. The respective motif is repeated quite a few times on the packaging.

During the intensive analysis of the WAGO packaging design, we noticed several weaknesses:

– Overall, too little uniformity
– WAGO as a brand not always immediately recognizable
– basically almost no clear brand elements
– no consistent design of the information level

But we also saw great potential for design optimization, especially with the striking brand color and the inspiring WAGO logo with the arrows in the letters W and A – an expressive symbol for connectivity and energy.

To improve the packaging design for the various WAGO products, we have made the following changes, among others:

+ The increased proportion of brand color reinforces the (re)recognizability of the brand and also the uniformity of the entire product range. For example, the sides of the packagings are impressively branded – with the large brand logo and the green brand color.

+ The information, although carried over from the old labels, has been bundled and restructured to make the packaging look more concise and clear. For example, customers can now see at a glance how many copies of each item the packaging actually contains. The icons at the bottom right are also a highlight. They give customers at the POS the opportunity to directly check whether the specific product is suitable for their purposes.

In principle, WAGO now appears more modern and powerful on the shelf. The new packaging is an absolute eye-catcher.

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