Packaging Design Weihenstephan Streichzarte

Development of a "butter dish" for Weihenstephan

For the Theo Müller Group, we developed the “Weihenstephan” brand of spreadable butter – the tray type, features and shape.

In the case of spreadable butter, the primary focus is on the consumer’s need for convenience – especially this spreadability. Real butter is usually perceived as tasting better, but is too hard for the consumer if it comes straight from the fridge.

Packaging Design Weihenstephan

Furthermore, the handling of the butter pack without getting greasy fingers, the reclosability and the table-fine appearance on the breakfast table as well as unfortunately also the good price-performance ratio are very important for the users.

Against this background, the declared development goal was to design a tray that would meet these convenience requirements, without neglecting the high premium standard of the Weihenstephan brand.

Packaging Design Die Streichzarte

This balancing act between mainstream price-oriented positioning of spreadable butter and Weihenstephan’s premium positioning was achieved primarily through the comparatively round and convex shape design as well as a compact-looking haptics, while maintaining the same level of convenience and packaging system.


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