The Challange

Zottarella, Zott’s mozzarella produced according to a classic Italian recipe, is one of the leading and most popular brands in this market segment. Zottarella stands out above all because of the width of its assortment. From the classic ball, to the compact roll, to the “Minis” and all of this in a wide variety of flavours. Starting from this historically grown variety of sorts and assortment of the white gold, Zott wanted to offer its buyers more clarity and orientation in the newly designed packaging.

The Solution

Together with B+P Creality, a new, contemporary design was to be developed using a strategic, strongly consumer-focused approach – including usage and attitude analyses – which also included the adaptation of the logo. This challenge was solved by means of a clear graphic design system that visually guides the consumer through the product diversity of the Zottarella range. The newly designed, delicious food shots make the product delicious for the consumer. The clear highlighting and communication of the product form (ball or roller) in combination with the grammage (125g or 250g) is decisive here. The colour coding adapted to the variety is also fundamental (dark blue = classic, green = basil, light blue = balance, red = jalapeno, light blue = balance).

The result: a striking, clear and tasty appearance in the refrigerated shelf! Which is a good thing for a winner of the “Top Brand 2020” award!