Connected + Smart Packaging

How you benefit from the development of a digitally networked packaging campaign

We not only have a feel for digital trends. We also have the expertise to implement them. Benefit from our development of a successful, digitally networked packaging campaign. Market success included.
To enable you to benefit more from the development of digitally networkable packaging in the future, we have developed an approach along three consistent steps that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Step 1

Smart conception

  • Connectivity workshop for the purpose of comparing brand / networkability and elaboration of development approaches
  • Conceptual design along the 3 C’s (Connect, Content, Call2Action)
  • First programming of digital applications, including click dummies
Step 2

Connectivity Pilot

  • Smart project management to bring all players together
  • Implementation of the Smart Packaging Campaign
Step 3

Connectivity Roll-Out

  • Optimizations along the pilot’s learning curve
  • Transfer of the Connectivity and Smart Principle with regard to further brand actions or to other product brands
Some see a package. We see a media platform.
Thomas Reiner, CEO
We want to share our knowledge with you: Our brochure "Really well packed" with 5 insider tips from B+P Creality for a successful packaging strategy.
Some see a package. We see a media platform.
Thomas Reiner, CEO
We want to share our knowledge with you: Our brochure "Really well packed" with 5 insider tips from B+P Creality for a successful packaging strategy.
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With the connected + smart packaging development towards digitalization and connectivity

Step 1 “Smart Conception” is the entry into a “connected + smart” packaging development in a particularly close and interactive exchange with our customers. Connectivity workshops are used to gather and align all information essential for the development of the connectivity packaging campaign:


  • defining the goal of the connectivity packaging campaign for the brand
  • a clear description of the product, packaging, brand, target group, sales environment, the competitors present in it and the ongoing communication activities
  • Preselection of possible connectivity campaign types along our “Connectivity Campagne Scanner”
  • Identification of the “Best Match” and derivation of first concept approaches for a connectivity packaging campaign
  • Evaluation of the concept approaches with regard to brand and market attractiveness and implementation costs

Based on the winner concept approaches, the connectivity packaging campaign will be further developed and visualized, ultimately also through initial programming (e.g. click dummies). The further development and consolidation of the connectivity packaging concepts is based on the connectivity success factors of the three C’s:

C as CONTEXT = place and time for scanning
What are the hygiene factors for scanning? Does the user have the time to take his cell phone out of his pocket and scan it? Does he have access to a WIFI or network connection? Places on a plane or bus, for example, are definitely not a good environment for connectivity packaging campaigns.

C as CALL TO ACTION = communication on the packaging
This C is of high importance. We have to tell the user that there is content and how to access it. This must be done on the packaging or advertisements and on all social media or online channels.

C as in CONTENT = content – entertaining, interesting or useful
This is the last and usually most important aspect, because the user will only scan if he finds the content entertaining, interesting or useful. Communication about this should be considered as part of the important Call To Action (e.g. rewards for buying packages, possibly tenth package is free).

Success factors for Connected + Smart Packaging

The concrete output of a connected + smart packaging development

After the final concept has been selected together with the customer, step 2 of our approach starts a pilot project to implement the newly developed connectivity packaging campaign. Due to the high level of interdisciplinarity, special attention is paid to the implementation of our “Smart Project Management”. This is the only way to ensure that the large number of differently specialized players work efficiently towards a common goal.

Once this goal has been achieved and the connectivity packaging campaign has been switched on, the evaluation and, with Step 3, the corresponding optimization and roll-out to other brands and packaging is started.

Step by step, digitalization is also changing the role of packaging. In the field of FMCG packaging, this is referred to as IoP or Internet of Packaging. Targeted IoP is said to have a very high potential for activating consumers and revitalizing brands.

However, many of these attempts at activation are still failing. One reason is that the available possibilities are not yet fully understood. On the other hand, they also fail because the concept has not yet been fully thought through.

Successful and popular brands usually have a huge potential to take such new paths towards digitalization. This potential must be exploited with our established approach.

Clear reasons for a connected + smart packaging development

Once again briefly summarized: The established process in the development of digitally networkable packaging is characterized above all by 3 criteria – and ultimately so successful:

1. Brand + Communication Fit
Interactive discovery process for matching brand positioning and communication campaigns
2. Conceptual design along success factors
The targeted user, his possibilities, his needs and his requirements are the absolute focus of the concept development
3. Feasibility and implementation
All concept ideas can be realized and are presented in the form of first digital applications

The success criteria of connected + smart packaging development