SONAX: Brand and packaging relaunch for a market leader



SONAX is the market leader in car care products with a presence in over 100 countries. The range includes a wide variety of specialised products, from paint cleaning and polishing, upholstery cleaning and cockpit care to rim cleaners and products for components under the hood.


The Hoffmann Group wanted an optimized brand and product presentation for the strongly and broadly grown range of its SONAX brand. The aim was to highlight the product variety of the brand in an appealing and attention-grabbing way at the various points of sale. At the same time, a clear differentiation and identification of the individual sub-segments (interior, exterior + paint, engine + technology etc.) had to be maintained.

As a special extra, it was necessary to integrate products that appeal to special target groups such as users in garages or workshops.

The way

Using broad-based Usage+Attitude analyses, we have identified the wishes and needs of consumers and their different application locations and scenarios. From the importance and attitude towards the different care areas of a car to the frequency of car care, the level of which surprised even the experts at SONAX. The results were deepened in field visits at all relevant POS and checked for the concrete shelf situation – also including the neighbouring competition.

The solution

The first is the “yellow world”, which is aimed at users in garages or workshops. Here we rely on a strictly graphic design along a pictogram guidance system. SONAX shows itself with a dominant brand umbrella, which radiates a lot of dynamism, sets the brand “on top” for all products and emphasizes the character of the care points with a “highlight”. The design conveys a credible price premium and strong innovation leadership.